Ansible Ad Hoc

Not playing by the book

Smells like a hack One of the first things we learn at the Ansible Best Practices University is that roles are a godsend, playbooks are great and ad hoc commands are meh. And that’s absolutely true… Except when it isn’t. I take configuration as code as an achievement comparable to subsidized anti-Polio injections—once we accomplish such a feat as a society, we don’t let it be taken from us too easily. [Read More]

What's Left of DevOps?

The cloud is eating everything, software included

Up up to the sky The cloud is eating more than just data centers and hosting companies—it’s also eating software, as contradictory as it sounds. Azure’s AKS, Amazon’s AWS Fargate, Google’s GCP Dataproc: those are a few of the many services that are pushing DevOps engineers’ daily activities farther away from the bare metal and closer to the ethereal heights of the clouds. As cloud providers add layers and layers of sugar on top of otherwise not so easy to master pieces of software, the nature of the work done in the cloud is changing as well, and that has direct consequences on the IT areas floating around cloud computing. [Read More]

firewalld: a Gentle Introduction

Get that firewall right

Bumping the head against a closed door Have you ever installed a web server on a machine running Fedora 21+ or RHEL/Centos 7 and not been able to connect to it? You tried Firefox, then curl; you even tried a reboot. Nothing worked. Only after a while did you realize that something was blocking the connection, but you still couldn’t figure what. In despair, you ran a port scan against the computer to try to figure out who the heck was ruining your day: [Read More]