Big Blue Hat

Hybrid cloud, or who's helping who in the IBM / Red Hat deal

“How much?!?” 34 billion (with a b!) USD, approximately. After the announcement came this Sunday (28 October 2018) that IBM was buying Red Hat, the specialized media went crazy and flooded the Internet with all sorts of articles about the acquisition. Most of them hit the nail on the head (that IBM wants to play the cloud game), but without going too deep into what Ginni Rometty specifically meant when she said that “IBM will become the world’s #1 hybrid cloud provider. [Read More]

firewalld: a Gentle Introduction

Get that firewall right

Bumping the head against a closed door Have you ever installed a web server on a machine running Fedora 21+ or RHEL/Centos 7 and not been able to connect to it? You tried Firefox, then curl; you even tried a reboot. Nothing worked. Only after a while did you realize that something was blocking the connection, but you still couldn’t figure what. In despair, you ran a port scan against the computer to try to figure out who the heck was ruining your day: [Read More]