The Framework Guy

Tech pigeonholing and shitty jobs

Reality shock As soon as I started working in IT, I avoided getting too attached to any specific framework or language. Every company has their preferred framework(s) and language(s), and when you’re working on a specific project, you need to commit to a set of tools and concepts. That doesn’t instantaneously pigeonhole you into them, though. I saw myself as doing software engineering; period. I had, and still have, no interest in being more specific than that. [Read More]

What's Left of DevOps?

The cloud is eating everything, software included

Up up to the sky The cloud is eating more than just data centers and hosting companies—it’s also eating software, as contradictory as it sounds. Azure’s AKS, Amazon’s AWS Fargate, Google’s GCP Dataproc: those are a few of the many services that are pushing DevOps engineers’ daily activities farther away from the bare metal and closer to the ethereal heights of the clouds. As cloud providers add layers and layers of sugar on top of otherwise not so easy to master pieces of software, the nature of the work done in the cloud is changing as well, and that has direct consequences on the IT areas floating around cloud computing. [Read More]

MS Github

What's Github, after all?

Welcome to MS Github On June 4th 2018, Microsoft publicly announced it was buying Github, which took many, myself included, by storm. While the acquisition angered lots of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) enthusiasts due to the historical shadiness of Microsoft’s business practices, to me it only reinforced a few, annoying things that I had already been observing in the open source community and in software development as a whole. [Read More]