Desktop is King

Freeing up my lap at last

A big, messy smartphone That’s what I see whenever I open a laptop in the hope of repairing it or pimping it up. My efforts tend to result in resentful failures, and I either leave the thing broken or send it to a technician. Me, fixing a clumsy block of metal and plastic where every single piece is soldered up or goes inside of a chip? No, thanks. Before you think I give up too fast, let me tell you that, sure, I could learn how to fix my own laptops, but that’s not the point; the point is I don’t want to. [Read More]
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Slacking with Jenkins Like a Pro

Let the butler do the calling out

You’ve got mail If you work with Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines, then you’ve certainly seen this before. You probably already know what I’m talking about: sending notifications that get ignored by the majority of the team. “I’ve crafted this beautiful pipeline and they don’t even check their emails. Ungrateful bastards!” It gets even more frustrating when those who ignore notifications are precisely those who usually break the builds. [Read More]

Static IP in the House

Pin a computer's IP to your router's wall

Moving target If you’re into home networking and DIY projects, you’ve probably been through bitter experiences where your devices get assigned a random IP address every so often, forcing you to spend precious time—15+ seconds—to find its new address in the local network. That’s unacceptable! One way to fix that intolerable annoyance is by making a DHCP reservation in your router, which is the most usual means of acquiring an unchanging IP address. [Read More]
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Caching and Fingerprinting

A short story about a great caching strategy

Security! Security! With a good chunk of the web moving to HTTPS for good, my previous team and I decided to join the trend and put all our front end applications behind the now fashionable security layer. You don’t wanna miss the S parteeeeeeey! We used to host our front end applications on Amazon S3, which is just a file system. As such, it doesn’t offer TLS/SSL on its own; you need to complement it with Amazon CloudFront if you want to have a static website behind HTTPS. [Read More]

SBC in the House with the Raspberry Pi

Set up a headless Raspbian Stretch in 20 minutes or less

In the house In this new series of articles, I’ll show you how to install all sorts of things in the comfort of your house. Yes, you’ve heard that right: the hardware will be located inside of your house. We’ll be installing software on things that we can actually see, touch and sometimes smell… How exciting is that? It’s like we’re back to 2003! Zero cloud, amigo. For the first installment of this series, I’ll talk about the most popular SBC (single-board computer) in the market today: the Raspberry Pi. [Read More]
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MS Github

What's Github, after all?

Welcome to MS Github On June 4th 2018, Microsoft publicly announced it was buying Github, which took many, myself included, by storm. While the acquisition angered lots of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) enthusiasts due to the historical shadiness of Microsoft’s business practices, to me it only reinforced a few, annoying things that I had already been observing in the open source community and in software development as a whole. [Read More]